Today in decent proposals: Marry a barista for $25,000 (don’t expect sex)

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The sign in question, via The Local.

If you have to clearly explain that a proposition posted inside your business is not prostitution, it may be time to rethink your strategy. But this is the case for Michael Newton and Johanna Hickey of Beny’s Delice in Fort Greene, who The Local reports today are offering to marry any customer who puts up $25,000. “We’re not doing this for the wrong reasons, it’s not prostitution,” Hickey told The Local. “We’re offering our social strengths as a life companion.” So no sex, but you can eat tons of cake, which is probably the problem with lots of American marriages. See their picture at The Local.

We’re not quite sure what to make of this hot mess of a story, other than it would be amazing to see someone actually put up the $25,000 to call their bluff. Kickstarter anyone?

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  1. anyone else get a strong serial killer vibe from that couple?. $25k will probably get you chopped up and put out with the trash after they make sweet sweet love on your corpse.

  2. How about a kickstarter campaign to rename this place? I don’t like to think about lice in relation to food. i can’t help reading it as “Be Nice, De-lice.” I live on this block and haven’t been able to get past the name and enter the place…

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