Throne up at BK’s royal wedding parties

Watch the royal wedding for free, if you can stomach it. Image via Lydia Leth

Maybe you missed the buzz parade, but tomorrow the future King and Queen of America’s Motherland tie the knot. You’ve got your pick of a few spots to join the wedding revelry alongside Brooklyn’s biggest Anglophiles and British ex-pats. Why? Because your bank account is not nearly as full as you’d like it, nor probably your love life, and you need this reminder that a dude with thinning hair and family drama can still become king; and a girl with slightly better-than-average looks can marry him. And also because you haven’t paid attention to England since the Spice Girls.


Early risers can gather for free under the Manhattan Bridge in DUMBO (Washington/Water Street) where the nuptials will be streamed live on a giant screen under the archway, beginning at 5:30 am. They’ll also replay coverage at 9 am and again at noon. The event promises costume contests, photo booths, and a smashing good time for blokes and birds all around!

Cobble Hill’s Chip Shop (129 Atlantic Ave.) is getting the party started a little later at 11 am with a good, hearty English breakfast of smoked kippers and beer. Stay for the royal quiz and celebratory toast to wish the couple better luck than America’s Newlyweds.

The Black Horse Pub in Park Slope (568 5th Avenue)  will open an hour early at 1pm for Brit-themed drink and food specials, as well as some replay action. Grab your best mates, get wankered and then get your teeth inked to commemorate the occasion.



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