Three fashionable Brooklynites on the best gifts for the fashion plate in your life

A Roy Lichtenstein scarf will keep your fashionable friend both warm and popping with color all year
A Roy Lichtenstein scarf will keep your fashionable friend both warm and popping with color all year

Everyone’s got that friend who seems like she’d be more at home strutting down a runway than trudging to a 9 to 5. Without having a direct line to Anna Wintour’s brain, it might be hard for you to figure out what to buy this smarter Zoolander for the holidays. Fortunately for you, we reached out to some of the most stylish people in Brooklyn what they think you should get your pretty friend to keep him looking great next year.


Samantha EscobarBeauty editor at Good Housekeeping

Roy Lichtenstein: Bolt Scarf ($60, $48 for MoMA Members, from MOMA)

Getting a scarf for the holidays is expected, but getting a pop art-themed scarf you can actually wear all year round and not just when you’re freezing in February is both unexpected and much more welcome.


Besame Cosmetics Lipstick and Samplers Set in Red Velvet ($23 from Besame)

This vintage-style cosmetic company is one of my favorites, and their pretty packaging and vibrant colors makes for a great gift. This set includes a lip color, but also a little matchbook for anyone who carries around a teensy tiny clutch when they go out.


MAKE Post-Impression Palette ($40 from MAKE)

This palette is the result of a collaboration between photographer Erik Madigan Heck and New York-based makeup artist Sam Addington, which explains why it not only has a beautiful color payoff, but the packaging is also fantastic. Bonus: MAKE products are cruelty-free and made in Brooklyn and are part of the We See Beauty platform, which donates 10% of its proceeds to support women-led, women-owned cooperative businesses in America.


Angry Liberal Feminist Killjoy Shirt ($29.95 from Feminist Apparel)

If you live in Brooklyn (or New York, in general), you probably have at least one awesome friend who would be proud to declare their feminism to the world via an aesthetically pleasing tank. Get them this.


Beautiful People With Beautiful Feelings ($21.95 from your local bookstore)

At first glance, this looks like another coffee table book filled with pictures of pretty people — and it is that, sort of. This highly cynical, beautifully illustrated book by Donny Miller is as hilarious as it is sad, and it’s perfect for anyone who loves art, beauty, and being generally skeptical towards humanity.

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White Nirvana Dry Shampoo ($14 from Sephora)

This is seriously my favorite dry shampoo on the planet. It has one of my favorite scents (White Nirvana by Elizabeth & James) and it keeps my hair from looking gross when I go four days without washing it. It’s an A+ stocking stuffer for any beauty fiend.




Steve Marks – Owner, Persons of Interest barbershop

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Starkweather Oil ($21 at Starkweather Organic, also available at Persons of Interest)
Made by our awesome barber Andy Starkweather, this oil is good for the fashionable man or woman in your life. Men can use it to soften their beard or prevent razor burn, while women can use it to protect their hair from heat damage as they style it.

Gift certificate at Persons Of Interest ($45+)
Okay, this is kinda cheating but it makes a cool stocking stuffer. Give a straight razor shave or five haircuts, it’s a rad gift.

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Clothing from Pilgrim Surf shop
They’ve got really nice clothes for the stylish dude in your life. No Hawaiian shirts, fortunately, more things like hoodies, flannel shirts, oxford shirt and jackets.


Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 3.08.11 PM

Nora Whelan – Style editor at BuzzFeed


Nordstrom Moonlight Pajamas ($58 from Nordstrom)
These PJs (up to 2X here) are reasonably priced, come in five colors, and are super soft. Which beats the pretty-but-scratchy vintage pajamas someone like me would probably regrettably purchase on a whim for themselves, and would help someone like me adequately relax so that she (I) could later be satisfyingly productive.


Baggu Weekend Bag ($74 from Baggu)
A stylish gal needs something to schlep all her clothes around in. I got one of these a few years back (not because it was smart to do so, but because mine had a goat print), routinely stuff it with twice the amount of shoes I need and squish it into tiny spaces left in overhead bins, and still think it’s one of the best investments I’ve ever made.

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Mega Greens Galaxy Pack ($22 from Glossier)
As someone who’s generally uninterested in the realm of beauty products, all I know is that Glossier takes my skin and very subtly improves it without making me feel like I’m wearing 16 pounds of gunk. It’s my tiny pampering thing, since I don’t have the patience for much else.


Small Glow “Make It Happen” Mug ($18 from Small Glow)
I don’t really know anyone who doesn’t like tea or coffee or hot chocolate, but I do know mornings are hard, and that it’s necessary for the people who love you to express recognition of your passion, talent, and drive. Grownups don’t compliment each other enough without some ulterior motive, and I think creative people especially (often the fashionable ones) crave occasional affirmation, whether or not we’re willing to admit it. So get this and fill it with a bag of good coffee or some fancy tea, but also deliver it with a larger message of “I believe in what you’re doing,” and know it’s more meaningful than the sum of its parts.

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