Three of our favorite chefs on what to get your foodie friends for Christmas

Help your friend take her latkes to the next level with spreads from Mouth Foods

All year, a friend of yours has cooked everyone excellent meals, asking nothing in return other than maybe doing some dishes every now and again. And while they’d never ask you to, we’ll ask on their behalf that you give him something nice. To help with that, we asked some of our favorite excellent food folks to let you know what your food-focused friend would love to see under the Christmas tree or in the UPS woman’s hands this holiday season. Grab your friend one of these and who knows what excellent meals might greet you next year.


Lauren PaigeDelightful Food Twitter presence (#lpfedme, also on Facebook and Instagram)

Top of the Latke spreads ($62 from Mouth Foods)
Whether you’re an experienced baleboste or just a goy on the go, everyone needs a little spice to their latkes. Mouth Foods, a Brooklyn curator of indie foods, has the perfect package to add a lil’ kick to these classic holiday hotcakes. These delicious toppings are great for a Chanukah party or just to eat out the jar when your faded off the Manischewitz.

Martha Stewart Collection casserole gift set ($16.99 – $89.99 from Macy’s)
Everyone knows Martha Stewart is the OG of the kitchen. Now you can pretend to be the white Oprah with Martha’s very own Casserole Gift Set. Complete with a 6-qt casserole dish, Martha Stewart’s One Pot Cookbook, wooden utensils, kitchen towels and an apron! Get this in your kitchen and you’ll be one step closer to living on a farm and flying a drone like the Queen.

Ferguson Crest wine ($25 – $150 from Ferguson Crest)
‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring except for MY LUMPS! MY LUMPS MY LUMPS MY LUMPS! Finally, a wine for people who love to shake their ass, in a classy manner. If you’re looking to buy a gift for the wine snob that’s close to your heart, Fergalicious Crest is not the way, but it is the only wine that you can drink along to on Spotify. So break out the good crystal and get, get, get, get, you drunk, get you love drunk off my holiday hump.

Beech Boy Wood cutting board ($50 from Beech Boy)
Holiday meal prep can be as painful as the hangover that follows, but at least you can look like a pro with a fancy cutting board. Beech Boy Wood Company can make anyone look like Gordon Ramsey with these beautiful customized handmade chopping boards made of figured hardwoods. It can also double as a charcuterie board! Go ahead, unwrap your inner Top Chef this Christmas and make all your relatives on Facebook jealous by hitting up beechboywoodco [AT]


Anthony Falco – Pizza czar at Roberta’s, namesake of the Millenium Falco

Baking steel griddle ($100 at Baking Steel)
This is a little spendy but it’s the most ideal cooking surface for making pizza at home, as well as being extremely versatile. I’ve cooked steaks, tortillas, shrimps, lotsa stuff. Basically like have a plancha at home, plus it’s made in America and indestructible.

Pizza lapel pin ($6 from Nightwatch Studios)
This pizza pin by Tallboy will let everyone know that pizza is more than a food item to you. It’s a lifestyle. Everything else on his site is really awesome too.

Roberta’s Cookbook ($35 at your local bookstore)
Duh. This is a must-have stocking stuffer for all future pizza ninjas.


Photo by Juliana Tan
Photo by Juliana Tan

Alison Pels – Owner, Pels Pie Co, extremely successful Brokelyn alum

Thermopop Digital Thermometer ($29 from Whisk)
This is the home version of the famous, amazing, $99 Thermapen, but it works almost as well. Instantly read temperatures of meat, candy, home brewing and other projects where a precise temperature is important. Never suffer through dry turkey again.

Bench Scraper ($10 from Amazon)
For chopping or transferring ingredients into a pan, cleaning down a work surface, measuring, scraping the bottom of a burnt pan and more, this simple tool has many uses in the kitchen. Get one with a relatively sharp edge, an ergonomic handle, and measurement markings on the blade.

Kitchen Scale/Timer ($37 from Amazon)
This is intended for use in coffee making, but works perfectly as a precise scale and timer for the kitchen. Measuring ingredients by weight helps cut down human error in cooking, and allows for easier doubling or tripling of recipes with consistent results.

Corn Huskers Lotion ($3.21 from Google Shopping)
As if winter isn’t hard enough on our skin, daily cooking involves soaking, scrubbing, washing, squeezing and wringing, all of which are damaging to your precious paws. This lotion is cheap and available at most chain pharmacies as well as online. I don’t know why it works so well, but it does.

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