This weekend’s hurricane relief events and more donation opportunities!

There are other ways to be communal and charitable this weekend. via Izismile

With the weekend coming up, we have our first opportunities to raise some money through some socially conscious social events and sites. These will be great places to check out after you’re done volunteering. Who knows, maybe you’ll meet a civically responsible cutie and have a perfect date on your hands.

-Hurricane Stoop Sale – What better way to relive the lost days of summer than by checking out a stoop sale? And 100% of the proceeds go toward Sandy relief, so now might not be the time to show off your haggling skills. 525 Halsey St., Saturday  9am – 5pm.

-Wave Prep Family BBQ – The teachers of Wave Prep are hosting a BBQ to provide a hot meal to the families of their school, who all have been in Far Rockaway without power or water. The food is intended specifically for the families of that community, so if you’d like to come (which would be great), please come with a FULL belly. Volunteers are welcome, and donations are very welcome. Money, food, water, and other goods will all be accepted, and you’ll actually be able to hang out with the people who will be getting everything you give.  For help or questions, contact Caryn Cohen at (516) 286-6444 or Principal Gemma Ferguson at (646) 338-0325. Wave Prep P.S. 362, 535 Briar Place, Far Rockaway. Sunday 12pm – 2pm.

Momofuku Will Feed You Until You Reach Sainthood – Momofuku, the award-winning restaurants owned by David Chang, are hosting THREE different food events to fill your tummy and help raise funds for the American Red Cross, which will receive 100% of the proceeds.

  • -Momofuku Charity Dinner – Momofuku is teaming up with Café Boulud for cocktails and canapés, a six course dinner, and wine pairings. The dinner will be hosted at Café Boulud at the Surrey Hotel. Tickets cost $495 (including gratuity and tax), so maybe skip lunch, as well, so you have an appetite.  Café Boulud, Surrey Hotel. Friday 6:30pm.
  • Má Pêche Cocktails – Momofuku’s awesome noodle bar will be hosting Booker and Dax’s cocktails in the balcony bar for lunch and dinner. If someone gave to charity every time I got drunk, this world would be a pretty awesome place. Booker and Dax, Friday Lunch and Dinner.
  • Bun Pop-up Store – Momofuku Milk Bar in Williamsburg will have a bun pop-up today, with two buns for $10. If you’ve never had a pork bun from Momofuku, you’re only contributing to the chaos in the world. Momofuku Milk Bar, Williamsburg. Friday.

Lucky Dog Is holding an all day and night fundraiser on Sunday, donating 20% of sales to relief efforts. The bar will also be accepting cash/check donations, clothing, canned goods, batteries and anything else that will help the relief effort. Event goes from 12pm to 4am. Dj and Live Music, lots of whiskey, cold beer and $8 Hurricanes.

Brooklyn Brewery’s Rockaways Benefit: The Williamsburg brewery’s party to celebrate their new beer, There Will Be Black, is now including a request for attendees to bring a $10 donation to help out the Rockaways. They will be collecting disaster relief items as well, like canned and non-perishable goods. For a full list of needed supplies and reservations, email the brewery  here. Brooklyn Brewery, Williamsburg. Monday 7:30pm

Zone A Dance Party: Popgun Booking will be hosting a DJ dance party with Bear in Heaven and Small Black. $1 from every drink served will go to hurricane relief, and if you bring enough bubble bath, you might be able to start your own foam party (bad Zone A joke). Entry is free with an RSVP on their event page. Glasslands Gallery. Friday 11:30pm
-And finally, though it isn’t an event, Jet Blue is offering this pretty awesome offer to match up to $50,000 in customer donations to the American Red Cross, and give six TrueBlue points for every $1 you donate through the end of November. So you can feel free to reward yourself with a vacation after all the good you’ve done for your fellow neighbors!

If you know any other fundraiser going on this weekend or in the near future, toss’em in our Events calendar and we’ll be sure to get the word out.

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