This weekend, ride your bike without any clothes on. What else is new?

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In the summertime, some of us enjoy riding a bike with no shirt on. For starters, more clothing means more gross sweat sticking to you. Also it’s a great way to show off your tan and covered up tattoos and flip off the patriarchy telling you your body isn’t up to their standards. But some people, specifically the people behind the NYC Naked Bike Ride are willing to further, and strip to their skivvies or less to bike around. Why not join them this weekend?

OK, so you don’t have to get totally naked if you want to join up. You can wear as few or as many clothes as you’re comfortable with. We’d recommend at least some kind of layer before your butt touches the seat, because that just seems uncomfortable. But if you do choose to show some skin, there’ll also be body paint, which is always fun. There’s also a teach-in on bike rights, which is important but a little less sexy, even with the whole “your brain is the biggest sex organ thing.”

If you want in, everyone is meeting up at the Grand Ferry Park, at the very end of Grand Street in Williamsburg, on the water, at 4:30pm on Saturday. They’ll hang out and get painted up and get comfortable being around a crowd of mostly-nude people, and then the ride departs at 6:15. You have to be there if you want to know the route, and the ride is rain or shine. And hey, there’s nothing wrong with wet, glistening fit bodies stripped down to their basics and…sorry, what were we talking about again?

World Nude Bike Ride NYC, Saturday June 8, 4:30pm, Grand Ferry Park, Williamsburg, FREE

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