Beatles skate-fest (followed by MJ, Bruce, more!)

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Photo courtesy of Hollywood Masti Masala

All right, so we’ve got ice skating on the brain this week, but it is one of the best reasons to get out (and stay out) in the cold winter months. Our friend Jennifer just tipped us off to another rockin’ reason to lace ’em up at Prospect Park: music-themed weekend skates—for the same price as the regular skates, when the music is actually pretty great to begin with. On Saturday (Jan. 9) from 10 to 1, the series kicks off with Beatles Skate!, when you can twist, shout and glide your way through Fab Four classics. And there are four more music days leading up to the Springsteen Skate season finale on March 7 (2 to 6). Show Tunes Skate is Saturday Jan. 23 from 10 to 1 (“boas encouraged”—really? on the ice?), Michael Jackson skate is Sunday Jan. 31 from 2 to 6, Disney Tunes (take one for the team) is Feb. 13 from 10 to 1 and Motown with the Temptations is Feb. 26 from 7 pt 9. $5 for adults, $3 for children and seniors. More info here.

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Take cover here and wait until the coast is clear, AKA the sales have ended.


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We honor today's exciting news that cars will be exiled from the park with a roundup of other good local news from this year.


We know you can't hear us in your paddy wagon, cow, but you did wonders for today's news cycle.


  1. This just came in from the Prospect Park:

    Now, through March 14, here’s how to enjoy FREE admission to Brooklyn’s only outdoor skating rink at Prospect Park:

    Either rent one pair of skates or make a purchase of $15 or more at the Snack Bar and receive a coupon good for one free future Rink admission.

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