This Wednesday: Swap DVDs at our ‘Notflix’ party

Homage by Rommel Alama.

Are you mad as hell about the Netflix 60 percent price increase?

Maybe you’ve up and canceled your subscription — or maybe you think that 15.99 a month is still actually a good deal for unlimited movie streaming and DVDs (one at a time). Here’s what’s not a good deal: hanging onto old DVDs that you own but will never watch again. This Wednesday night (July 20), from 7 to 9, haul those pre-loved DVDs to our first-ever Notflix DVD swap at Mission Dolores.

Ground rules: real movies and TV shows only. Nothing bootlegged. Not your film class senior project, not your wedding video, not your old AOL startup discs and no VCR tapes. Desirable indies, blockbusters, romcoms, scifi, foreign, other good stuff all welcome. BringĀ up to 10 discs; walk away with as many as you bring, and stay for a drink or two — Mission Dolores is extending happy hour prices for the event. The popcorn is on us.


  1. Cribbster

    For the record, I could destroy this event. I’d pull up with a U-Haul truck chock-full of DVDs and Blu-rays, but we’d never get them out because we’d all be too scared to open the truck. If someone was brave enough to open it, we could do our own version of Wonka to see which people could find my four copies of “Iron Eagle.” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nrq31J6RbgU

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