The craziest things you can do with peanut butter

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In addition to kicking off another season of weight gain, family drama and perpetual holiday jingles, November also happens to be the month for everyone’s favorite spreadable legume. With all the bad press about peanuts these days, National Peanut Butter Lovers Month delivers a much-needed star turn to the increasingly outré sandwich ingredient. Did you know that you can also use peanut butter to lube up a lawnmower and remove price-tag residue?  

Celebrate via breaking peanut butter news
Our extensive research of NPBLM has taken us to the depths of the Internet where we’ve found numerous ways to enjoy November’s “it” food (step aside turkey). For starters, peanut butter is the solution for ridding your home of that lingering cooking-fish smell. Stir in a dollop of pb while the oil’s hot, and voila—instead of smelling like fish grease, your home will smell like peanut butter that’s been cooked in fish grease.

Or, if you happen to live in a posh pad with a backyard, peanut butter may be your new BFF. Why? Because the stuff’s great for lubricating lawn mowers. In fact,  JFrater, the blogger behind these amazing tips, claims that peanut butter “can be used for virtually all your lubrication needs.” (Whoa now!)

And for those times when you insert a photo into the perfect picture frame, only to discover your face will forever be marred by that price tag goo? Yup, peanut butter again. The sticky residue is no match for jelly’s partner in crime—rub some on your picture frames and all evidence of the $1.99 price tag will be gone for good.

But our fave of all the uses is for shaving. Forget those pricey, messy gels—get a close shave and amp-up your sex appeal.

Celebrate when you have way too much time on your hands
Though it hasn’t been updated since the days of Bennifer, a list of over 2000 way to use peanut butter is still available on the web. The geniuses behind the site even penned a rating system for the risk level of each peanut butter pursuit. Most of the suggestions are completely absurd (#689), but some, like using it as eyeshadow, are quite practical indeed.

Celebrate like a top chef
Delight friends and family with a divine peanut butter recipe. From Ground Pork Peanut Butter Cookies to These Aren’t Gross Stuffed Jalapenos With Peanut Butter! (yeah right), the possibilities are limitless. Or if you’re not up for cooking, venture into the city, where Peanut Butter & Company takes a classic sandwich to daring new heights.

You still have 17 days to celebrate NPBLM, and mark your calendar for March 1, when our complete coverage of National Peanut Month begins.

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  1. Fun Fact: I use to work at Peanut Butter & Company.
    And let me just tell you they have 8 different flavors of PB, and they all KICK ASS.

    Also, the “Elvis” sandwich might change your life.

  2. talk about a new BFF, after my my first jar of Jiff peanut butter & honey I stopped mowing the lawn and stopped shaving. I am however busy searching the internet for a stuffing the turkey with my PB & honey recipe.

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