Couple beats the system, throws free wedding on Staten Island Ferry and subway

From all reports, planning a wedding in NYC sounds like a similar experience to setting a pile of $100 bills on fire to keep warm on a windy night below a highway overpass, where your only company is your mother and a 200 years of societal pressure. There’s the cost, the catering, the invites and finding a venue which, ugh, who has the time, honestly.

Instead of planning a traditional ceremony, consider doing what Keith Haskel and Bethany Hall did: The couple threw a “run n gun” unauthorized wedding on the Staten Island ferry on July 8, followed by a “reception” on the subway on the way to a party at Radegast in Williamsburg. They captured the whole thing in the video above, which looks like a lot more fun than a hotel ballroom wedding, tbh, especially because the ride goes right by the statue of liberty and the bar on the ferry is dirt cheap. And all these venues cost zero dollars to use. 

“I gotta say, the Staten Island Ferry is an incredibly undervalued NYC resource,” Haskell told Gothamist. “It’s free, so we saved thousands on a venue, you’re allowed to drink on it, so popping champagne is fair game, and it’s BEAUTIFUL! You got the whole view of Manhattan behind you, Lady Liberty on your right, and you’re on a mother effing BOAT!”

Pokéjesus help us if this becomes the new trend, filling the ferry with nuptial swappers every weekend and loading the subways with so many swooshing bridal gowns that that we can’t even get through a workday commute without having to dodge a hora, but for now, we’ll give it up for these two who hacked the NYC wedding industrial complex.

This wedding was a ferry good idea. Via screenshot.
This wedding was a ferry good idea. Via screenshot.


  1. Wow, never thought i’d miss “Showtime,” but this is worse. Are we ever going to get NYC back to a place for adults or is permanent Peter Pan Brooklyn all that’s left?

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