The Worst Room: BK’s affordable housing problem, Tumblrized

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$750 a month? What a bargain!! via The Worst Room

Anyone who’s ever cruised Craigslist for housing has come across strange and nightmarish situations. At least those are entertaining though. Much worse are the housing ads that present themselves as totally normal despite being horrible places to live. One person, sick of trawling Craigslist in silence, has spoken up with The Worst Room, a Tumblr devoted to all of the awful “affordable” housing options in New York found on Craigslist.

Bunk beds, windowless rooms, “reliable electricity,” these are just some of the listings that the blogs author has come across. And for such high prices too. Whoever this mystery blogger is, we wish him nothing but the best in the search for somewhere to live that maybe has a window and also doesn’t look like it could stand in for a sex dungeon on episode of Law and Order: SVU.

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