GoogaMooga updates: tix pop up on Craigslist, volunteer and get $50 for food & booze

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The site of the Great GoogaMooga. Not pictured: the inevitable scalper horde.

Free shows can get dicey when things like tickets, access codes and long lines get involved. So far the promising-sounding Great GoogaMooga fest coming to Prospect Park May 19 and 20 has yet to announce any of the 20 bands that will play, but still tickets to the free event are in high demand. If you weren’t among the people who got confirmation codes emailed to them earlier this week, where should you turn? The black market! Well, not so black, yet: at least a few friendly listings are showing up on Craigslist for ticket swaps or sales at a not-too-unreasonable rate of $5 a pop. More offers to trade are showing up on Twitter too (here’s one swap offer; and another). So far the tix haven’t shown up on gouge hubs like eBay or StubHub yet.

But even better: you can volunteer to get in legit style! The event is looking to hire a few volunteers to help clean up the park, clear tables, keep things safe, etc., and for your troubles you’ll receive about $50 worth of food and drink vouchers!

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Take cover here and wait until the coast is clear, AKA the sales have ended.


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