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Hey grill: A guide to last chance free/cheap summer BBQ grub

Don’t be sad, grill! We’ve still got time to use you.

It’s hard to believe with this apocalyptic heat, but summer is almost done. This means shortly we will be cramming back inside bars, with only the faint breeze of oscillating bathroom doors. Before it ends there are still barbecues to be had. I’d like to say I enjoy grilling (and have probably lied about it to impress some guy), but I do not. I have had the same never-opened grill under my bed for the past five years. I prefer to have other people grilling for me. But after a summer of friends grilling up burgers with a lighter fluid aftertaste, I’ve decided on finding bars that will cook the food for us. Bars with burgers and beers and hotdogs and shots. But for like, free or cheap. Here is a list of bar barbecues to cram in before the summer ends.

Sign of the feast at Macri Park’s summer BBQ. Via Facebook.

Macri Park462 Union Ave., Williamsburg
Free barbecued burger or dog with each drink on Saturdays and Sundays until 9pm. They sometimes have a veggie dog but no guarantee. They say it will go on until it gets too cold. They have a shot and a beer combo, as all bars should.

Metropolitan, 599 Lorimer St., Williamsburg
Like Macri Park, Metropolitan does a barbecued something with each drink, tracked by tickets, each Sunday from about 5pm – 9:30pm. It was hard to hear over the Shakira playing in the background, but I think the bartender said it goes for about another month or so. There are plenty of veggie options and they are grilled separately. But most importantly, they have $8 pitchers.

Boulevard Tavern, 579 Meeker, Greenpoint
Every Saturday/Sunday starting at about 8pm the Tavern does an all you can eat barbecue (burgers, dogs, veggie dogs, veggie burgers) for $5. They have lots of other stuff too, like corn on the cob, potato salad, blah blah blah. Bud and jack for $6.

TBD, 224 Franklin Ave., Greenpoint 
TBD typically has $3 hot dogs. This Saturday, 8/18, they are going to be cooking up 500 lbs of meat (we’re not sure what kind of meat, exactly) and veggies for free starting at 2pm.

A recent “swiss patty yellow american pulled pork sauteed onions pickle kielbasa bun heart attack” sandwich at Gowanus Yacht Club. Via FB.

Gowanus Yacht Club, 323 Smith St., Carroll Gardens
$2 hot dogs, $3-4 burgers, and every night they pick one type of beer and offer it at two for $5. It’s available all week and opens at noon on Saturday/Sunday. Veggie dogs and burgers are available too, for a little bit extra.

East River Bar, 97 S. 6th St., Williamsburg
This is a do it yourself kind of grilling situation … but, like you really have to do it yourself. Which could be awesome if you’re good at doing stuff. Call ahead and you can reserve one of their two grills and BBQ whatever you like. Mondays are two-for-one drinks all night so I’d probably do that.

The Gibson, 108 Bedford Ave., Williamsburg
On Saturday and Sunday, the bar has $2 hot dogs and $3 burgers with a drink.

A pork rainbow at the Brooklyn Ice House. Via Facebook.

Brooklyn Ice House, 318 Van Brunt St., Red Hook
Weekdays 12 – 11 and weekends 12-12, the Ice House offers pulled pork sliders: one for $3 and two for $5. The bar smokes its own meat, which also comes with a pickle. A pickle! From 12 – 4pm on weekends you can get a $2 PBR or Miller High Life.

Second Chance Saloon, 659 Grand St., East Williamsburg
From 3 – 8pm on Sundays, the bar grills up burger/dogs/veggie dogs for free. This will keep going until the Superbowl. I don’t know when that is, but when it happens there is no more grilling here.

[As a side note for each, that little tip bucket at the grill: you may think you don’t have to put anything in because you tipped at the bar, but you do.]


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