The Islanders (might be) getting a makeover before moving to BK

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LOLwut. via the fever dream of someone at the New York Post

The Islanders, who have been stuck in the virtual desert that is Uniondale for their entire history, are now moving to Brooklyn. This (and our thoughts on it) were all that were known about the move. Until now, with word leaking out that focus groups are testing out some new uniforms for the moribund franchise. But what colors correctly put forward “We used to play down the street from the Roosevelt Field mall?”

The New York Post says that the team is holding focus groups about the Islanders’ colors and uniforms with both Islanders fans and Brooklyn natives separately  because that’s what you need to do when you’re a carpetbag franchise chasing dollars. Owner Charles Wang is opposed to making any changes in the team’s colors, but local goofus Barclays Center CEO Brett Yormark wondered if the Islanders could end up with Nets colors, because according to him “black and white are the new badge of honor in Brooklyn,” which is news to us. Honestly, we want very badly for the team to use the Post‘s insane mockup of what they think a hipster is.

It makes sense though. Like your friend who moved here from the suburbs and pretended that he never listened to third wave ska, the Islanders want to pretend their Long Island history never happened. But, just like your friend, you’ll be able to catch them up in the lie by whistling a few bars of a Catch 22 song asking most of the people headed to a game where they live.

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  1. It would seem the Islanders aren’t the only people who want to pretend their Long Island history never happened, David.

    Let’s go Islanders! Keep the colors. They are our iconography. They represent for our people. They just happen to play in a building in Brooklyn, which, technically, if you look at a map, I’m sure no one has ever told you this before, but, wouldn’t you know it, is actually, get this, part of the geographical land mass that is Long Island.

    For Pierre Turgeon!

  2. “This are all that were known about the move”. More great writing from Colon.

    They want to pretend their Long Island history never happened? Do they want to forget about their 4 straight championships they had on Long Island too?

    • Jesus, always with “the 4 straight championships!” these Islanders fans are. That was a long time ago, it may as well have been a different franchise. You wouldn’t happen to be the guy behind me at the Rangers/Islanders game who was yelling “1940,” would you?

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