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The Daily Show also noticed Dov Hikind was in blackface

Smile if you deserve to be voted out of office!
Smile if you deserve to be voted out of office!

You may have heard that professional aggrieved person/member of the New York State Assembly Dov Hikind recently found himself in a little hot water. And for what, just a little blackface during Purim? And saying things like “someone gave me the hair of the actual, you know, sort of a black basketball player.” Oh and then abjectly refusing to apologize and saying things like “maybe I would be a gay person . . . by the way, would that be okay, Zev? If I played a gay person next year?” Well, the Daily Show noticed too, covering it by going over Hikind’s record of standing up against intolerance (of Jews) and then with their official Purim correspondent dropping Yiddish bombs left and right.

Props to Jessica Williams for deftly delivering those Hebrew and Yiddish jokes without batting an eye, those are not easy languages for the goyim.

[h/t New York Observer]

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