The Citibike launch date is finally here: May 27

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Finally, ride one. via DamianoDeMonte.

You’ve waited through delays, vandalism, public meetings and irresponsible rumormongering, and the whole time, we haven’t known when Citibike was starting up. Well now we finally do, thanks to a tweet from the Department of Transportation: as previously speculated, the launch date will on Memorial Day, May 27.

That’s the good news. The bad news? Well, the asterisk anyway, is that per a DOT press release, annual members will have a week to start using it before people with weekly, daily and monthly memberships can use it. There’s still time to sign up for a membership though, with the price for one topping out at $95. So it’s time to figure out whether being FIRST! on one of the bikes is worth a Franklin. Hey, we won’t tell you whether it is one way or the other, that’s between you and your god.

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