Rumors of a CitiBike start date have now materialized

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Freedom’s just another word for ending the tyranny of walking

Despite the fact that the public is foaming at the mouth to either ride CitiBikes or destroy people riding them, the city has been exceptionally tight-lipped about when the program will actually start. But, a close reading of a Crain’s article reveals that they may have settled on Memorial Day.

According to mysterious sources in the Bloomberg administration, the bike share is going to launch Memorial Day weekend. Which makes sense, since people will be out and about, and Memorial Day celebrates freedom, which is what riding a bike is all about. Of course, no one would go on record with Crain’s to confirm this, so we’re still left bafflingly in the dark.

Ah hell, who needs something like a “starting date” for a $40 million project that’s taken a couple of years to finally get off the ground? Let’s just be loose with it, y’know? Surprise people.

[Actual Crain’s reading done by ANIMAL]

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  1. New bikes were being loaded to the docking stations on Nostrand and Halsey in Bed Stuy this afternoon, perhaps that isn’t too far off

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