The Brooklyn Bike Patrol is back, and looking for volunteers

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So, we clued you in to the fact that the Brooklyn Bike Patrol would be back, despite founder Jay Ruiz’ heart attack. And, as promised, they are back, and will be returning to duty on Friday. But, they’re building up their ranks, and provided you’re not a criminal, they’d like to hear from you.

If you want to join up and with the heroes that New York deserves and also needs, first, show them that you don’t have a criminal background. Then get a handwritten letter of recommendation from someone who isn’t a relative, and give them a copy of your driver’s license and your email address. If you meet the standards of the Bike Patrol, they’ll need people who can volunteer once per week, and twice per week every other week. The hours the group is active is 8pm to midnight on Sunday to Thursday, and 8pm to 4am on Friday and Saturday.

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