More good news: The Brooklyn Bike Patrol will be back

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You think a measly heart attack is gonna stop this dude? via Facebook

Everyone was bummed when Jay Ruiz, founder and leader of the Brooklyn Bike Patrol suffered a huge heart attack and had to shut down his operation. After all, a service that gets women a safe escort home never not necessary. But now, in an interview with the Bed-Stuy Patch, Ruiz has vowed that this heart attack won’t be putting an end to the BBP after all.

While Ruiz is still recovering and meeting with doctors following his TWO heart attacks that he was just basically ignoring, he told Patch that he watches the news for crime on the Park Slope to Bushwick route that the Bike Patrol used to cover. That, and he can’t stay away: “The bottom line is that we won’t be closed forever. The Brooklyn Bike Patrol will rise again and we’ll be stronger than ever.” And while Ruiz said he won’t jump back in the game without clearance from his doctors, the BBP Facebook page has already put out the call for more volunteers. So if you want to be a part of it, now’s the time to step forward.

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