The Brooklyn Arts Council wants your Sandy-inspired art

Your chance to make closed beach heartbreak into interpretive dance (via Facebook)
Your chance to make closed beach heartbreak into interpretive dance (via Facebook)

We all reacted to Sandy in different ways, though we imagine that most of the reactions involved anger at some point. And while everyone has a standing invitation to go talk about their hurricane experience at the Brooklyn Public Library, it could be the case that you’ve got an easier time turning your story into art. Well good news: the Brooklyn Arts Council wants art that you’ve made in reaction to Sandy. This could be your big chance to make your painting of you viciously stabbing a weather system a hit, so hopefully you have a frame for it.

BAC is putting together a project called For and About that collects people’s reactions to Sandy through different mediums. If you’ve got something you’ve painted or created in a studio that was wrecked by Sandy or in support of a studio wrecked by Sandy, BAC could put it in their gallery. If you’ve got a poem, short story or even a song (6,000 words max) about Sandy, they want it for a limited edition zine. And, they’re also taking suggestions for art installations in Dewey’s Candy in DUMBO, or anywhere else that you know would support the installation.

All you need to do is sign up for the Council’s artist registry, which is free, and then feel free to submit whatever you like. Don’t dilly-dally or try to make your artwork too perfect though: the deadline to submit is on June 5. And we’d hate the think we’re robbed of a piece of artistic genius because you were afraid it wasn’t perfect.

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