Got a Sandy story to tell? Tell it to the Brooklyn Public Library

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It was DC, but we really want to know this dude’s story

Hurricane Sandy was, as you know, a devastating storm, a (hopefully, sadly probably not) once-in-a-lifetime weather event. Everyone who  was here for it has some kind of story from the storm, be it fleeing rushing storm waters, coming back to a trashed business or volunteering to help out neighbors and strangers. In an effort to collect all that history, the Brooklyn Public Library is now inviting people to sit down and talk about the ways they lived through the storm.

The interviews will last up to a half hour and will be recorded by a small camcorder, so if you do go in to tell your story, make sure you’re not camera shy. Or wear a horse mask, we guess. The interview will delve into your experience during the storm, as well as how things have gone for you since then, in the effort to rebuild.

The point of the project, according to the website, is to preserve the memories and experiences that Brooklynites went through during Sandy, and make it publicly available to researchers in an archive. And some of the stories will even end up on a website devoted to that lousy fucking hurricane. The interviews will be done at the Central Library, and if you want in, you can email June Koffi at j.koffi [at], or call (718)230-2708. And if you tell a story, make sure you don’t ramble too much, think of the future college students who’ll be listening to you and have a paper on Sandy due in three hours.

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