WATCH: The catchy Christmas rap you won’t get sick of hearing this holiday

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'Filipin-hoe so I'm queso de ballin.' - Clara Bizna$$. via screenshot

The holiday season is evergreen (sry) for themed internet content, but once in a while there’ll be a song that bypasses the usual fast-burning viral fame and moves directly into meme status. Some years back, we Jews got Brandon Harris Walker’s Chinese Food on Christmas and Adam Sandler’s Hanukkah Song. This past Halloween, we were gifted SNL’s David S. Pumpkins, sure to play on for many Halloweens to come. And this week, a new song surfaced on the internet for the 2016 Christmas season. It’s not the rewrite of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” but it is your feminist holiday anthem of the year.

LIT (Like a Christmas Tree)” is a rap song made in collaboration by Brooklyn-based rap collective Hand Job Academy and Miami-based duo Basside. The title is pretty self-explanatory, and the song does a great job of capturing the millennial sentiment of 2016’s holiday season. We’ll happily spend time with the family for holiday celebrations, so long as we can get lit and avoid having anything to do with organized religion.

“Cover my tats for mass in a dress from ASOS, ’cause Christmas day I get pesos.”

Anyone who prefers a pluralistic approach to the holidays will relate to the ladies in the video, whose memories range from finding a chemistry set under the tree to toking up with the folks the night before Christmas. Even if religion isn’t your thing at all, you can’t argue with having another excuse to get LIT as you wait for the last dumpster-fire embers of 2016 to go out.

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