Taylor Swift gets job helping separate NYC tourists from their money

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The new face of New York City. via Facebook

Well, we can’t say we never tried. Despite the fact that we were able to find many, many New York anthems better than “Welcome to New York,” Subway pitchwoman Taylor Swift is now New York city’s “welcome ambassador” for tourism. We’re not mad though. After all, who else was supposed to be named a tourism ambassador, Ed Mullins?

As a tourism ambassador, Swift’s job mostly seems to be to spout platitudes about New York, all in an attempt to get people to come here and throw their money away on knock-off Statue of Liberty t-shirts 9/11 shot glasses. As much as we like to ignore it, tourism dollars are a big part of New York’s economy, so we suppose it only makes sense that New York try to cash in on Swift’s tourist anthem while they can. Sure Swift’s New York is a lifeless, bland fro-yo Hellscape, but it’s not like any of the people visiting here because Taylor Swift seems to like it are going to come rampaging through your favorite neighborhoods.

If anything, T. Swift’s signing up to fleece tourists is as New York a move as we’ve seen her make so far, so maybe Glasslands knew something we didn’t when they booked her to play their final show on New Year’s Eve.

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