Anyone, anyone? Bueller? Bring your inner rebel to a live-movie reading tonight at Union Hall

Like Ferris & Co., we take our drinking games quite seriously

We’ve all got an elaborate hooky plan—doesn’t matter whether you actually follow through with that wild Wednesday afternoon, spent tearing down the BQE with the top down, running amok at the Brooklyn Museum. While helping you play hooky would be pretty un-American of us, we can direct you to a celebration of everyone’s favorite leisure-fest! Tonight, Union Hall is paying tribute to Ferris Bueller’s Day Off with a live reading-cum-drinking-game of the movie, to help you forget the whole adult responsibility thing.Starting at 8pm, live actors will perform a staged reading of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Pay attention, though, because there’s a list of buzzwords and phrases that will trigger a bell letting everyone—actors included—know that it’s time to drink. It’s kind of like being Pavlov’s dogs with Sazerac, but we’ve made our peace with it. You can order tickets here for $15, which is decent for live boozy theatre. And if you’re blowing off work while reading this, get back there! Save your inner rogue for later tonight.

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