Take back the street! Bedford Ave goes car-free on Saturday

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A few of us were walking around Williamsburg two summers ago when we came across a Bedford Avenue completely covered with pockets of grass, games, children playing, music, dogs and pop-up cafes. Dave looked at it, scoffed and said “Guilliani would never stand for this shit.” Be that as it may, we are in a particularly key moment in the War to Reclaim Our Streets from Jerk Cars, and this weekend is one of the chances to celebrate that. This summer’s installment of Williamsburg Walks kicks on off Saturday, where cars will be banned from Bedford from Metropolitan to North 12th street from noon-9pm.

In place of cars who honk at red lights, you’ll be able to walk along like it’s some friggin’ wonderful promenade of olden times. They’re still looking for volunteers and donations too, so check out the whole deal at Williamsburg Walks. The next ones are on June 16 and 23.

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  1. I read that as “Bedford Ave goes car-free” and thought perhaps I had missed the feline takeover of North Brooklyn.

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