Take a self-guided Brookyn hip-hop tour, thanks to Fuse

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Oddly enough, this iconic ODB mural is not on the map. via Flickr user Hobo Matt

Brooklyn has a long and proud hip-hop tradition, everyone knows that. But aside from downloading buying Notorious B.I.G. albums and blasting them loudly, how can you pay the proper respects to the people who dominated the game so hard for so long? Well, you could always go by where they hung out and grew up and leave a little incense shrine. And now thanks to Fuse’s hip hop map of Brooklyn, that idea can be a reality. A ridiculous and strange reality.


 As you can see, the map covers places like Biggie’s house, the Roosevelt Houses (“their green grass was green/our green grass was brown“) where Mos Def grew up, Jay-Z and DMX’s high school and the Albee Square Mall, which Biz Markie rapped about and is now gone (and was a subject of My Brooklyn). Of course, like we pointed out above, one thing that map doesn’t have is that awesome mural of O.D.B., which can be found on Franklin Avenue and Putnam Avenue. What say you, MCs and DJs of Brooklyn, is the map otherwise complete or does it need a few more places highlighted?

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