Take a hike this weekend. No, like an actual one (plus it’s discounted)

Wait, where's all the garbage and grit?
Wait, where’s all the garbage and grit?

The only thing that people who live in Brooklyn like more than living here is getting the hell out of Brooklyn for a weekend. But your options can be limited if you don’t have a car and a good plan of action. Better to have someone else take care of things like that for you and just reap the rewards of a quiet day avoiding the hustle and bustle. The folks at Brooklyn Outfitters are more than happy to take care of the logistics for you. So happy to do it, in fact, that they’re offering a discount on their hike to Harriman State Park on Sunday.

The price to get in on a hike like this is usually $65, but with the discount code “FabTwo8” you can get 15% off and knock the price down to $55. That includes transportation up to Harriman and helps pay for your skilled and professional hiking guide.

Now, there is one caveat here: the hike is a full moon hike, so you may have to look out for werewolves. But, you’ll be out there with a professional guide who knows Harriman like the back of his hand, so it probably won’t be a huge problem. And really, what other than the threat of werewolves is stopping you from enjoying this hike? It’s supposed to snow up there this weekend, so you’ll be marching through untouched snow with plenty of like-minded folks, and maybe you’ll even meet a special someone while you’re up there staring at the stars.

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