Tonight: OINTB cast members give love advice at Tinder LIVE

tinder live
Now with more prison! via Zoomin.tv

It seems that you can’t even have a conversation without the mention of Tinder, the seedy characters involved and the bizarre narrative that usually follows. You may have also seen Lane Moore tear it apart on the site in a web-based version of her cheap comedy show, Tinder LIVE. If you haven’t made it out to the actual show though, this time around she is bringing you a version of it that could really kindle your flame, by doling out love advice and Tinder zingers with the all-star cast of Orange is the New Black including that trigger-happy Yoga Jones (Connie Shulman, who is also the voice of Patti Mayonnaise!) and nun-gone-bad Sister Jane (Beth Fowler). 

Tinder LIVE plays out normal Tinder encounters in real time, with real subjects and a panel of comedians to help analyze/filter the prospects. Moore has even been known to message and hopeful suitors and call on them to show up live. If that description hasn’t sold the show to you already, this special Valentine’s edition of Tinder LIVE brings cast members from Orange is the New Black to come offer their dating wisdom and discernment to Lane as she takes on new matches and inflects a few burns too.

“In the back of my mind, I’d always wanted to use them in some way because every single woman on that show is such a strong, incredible, funny, gorgeous, intelligent person and they all deserve to be seen as much as possible. God, I’m such a fan,” Lane told us when we asked where the idea of adding some jail-based guest stars came from.

So if you are looking to ditch the usual methods of Valentine’s dates, and try something void of customary while ripe with relevancy, snag some tickets (which are just $10!) to this often sold-out show at Knitting Factory in Williamsburg on Feb 11.

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