Sweet job alert: Serial needs a digital producer

They’re opening the book on the second season, and they want you in it. via Facebook

So you’re a Serial nut, you know the ins and outs of every part of Adnan Syed’s story told by Sarah Koenig, and you’ve even pored over every bit of extra information that was put up on the show’s website. You also know how to make that extra info on the website come alive and had some notes you were planning on giving Koenig and Julie Snyder at the evening with them at BAM. Don’t do that. Instead just apply for this job as a digital producer on season 2 of the show.

Yes that’s right, you can be part of the second coming of podcast history by proving to the Serial team that you’re THE digital producer who can “translate audio storytelling into a digital space.” Of course, they aren’t going to just take anyone who says they read and absorbed our guide to making podcasts. Actually, it sounds like telling them you read that post won’t help that much, because as the digital producer, you’ll be working on the website side of things, putting together interactive features, blog posts and any breaking updates to the story on the Serial website.

They’d like someone with at least 3 years of digital production experience, especially in the realm of journalism. You’ll have to be a good manager who’s good with deadlines and not mind working nights and weekends, but we imagine if you’re going for podcast glory, you’re comfortable with that. If that’s the case, apply for the job today, but you owe us if you get it: we want to be one of the people mispronouncing the sponsor’s name at the beginning of the show.

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