Sweet job alert: Sail the Hudson as a sloop’s chef

hudson river sloop clearwater
Your new office. via Facebook

So here you are, facing another dreary day in the same bullshit office with the same bullshit job. You need a change, and not just one that gets you from one set of fluorescent lighting to another. You want to break free, take a job that really gets you out of the rat fight. Can you cook? That’s good, but don’t be a normal chef since apparently that’s a terrible job. Instead, check out this great job as the cook for a crew of 10 to 18 people on the educational sailing ship the Hudson River Sloop Clearwater.

As the ship’s chef, you’ll be responsible for cooking three balanced meals per day for the ship’s crew five days per week while the Hudson River Sloop Clearwater sails from April to October. Beyond making sure to respect any dietary restrictions and having to stay within your budget, the menu is up to you. You’ll also have to take care of kitchen aspects like cleaning the galley (that’s nautical speak for kitchen), make sure there’s enough propane and provisions on board, train other crew members on how to be substitute cooks and you’ll be the last line of defense if a band of crazed terrorists seize the ship and its supply of tactical nuclear missiles.

No, wait, that last one was Under Siege, never mind. Even without that action though, it sounds like a sweet job.┬áJust think of waking up and greeting the beautiful Hudson River every morning. Cooking for people without the threat of Pete Wells or Joshua David Stein dropping in to torch your efforts. Calling your new co-workers crew members without having to work at Trader Joe’s. Makes us wish we could cook, so if you can, apply before some other sailor beats you to the punch.

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