Sweet job alert: Be the one who makes the Makerbot

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You built that! If you get this job

Everyone loves 3D printing now. The president does, insane gun nuts do, hell, there like 34.5% chance that even your mom know what it is and she doesn’t even know how to turn the caps lock off on her iPhone. Knowing this, and knowing that you want to be popular more than anything, and that you want money more than that, you’re wondering if there’s a way into this world. Well we got a tip in our inbox that you could always head down to Makerbot’s open call for employees today, for positions as a productor, which is a person who puts together the kits that become 3D printers.

Yes, real manufacturing jobs in New York City. The open call is being held on the second floor of the building at 148 39th Street in Sunset Park at 3pm. Manufacturing jobs in the city are of course rarer than unicorns, so you better bring your unicorn-catching A-game with you if you head down there. The job description says that you should be comfortable working as part of a team, manually putting products together and working with tools. No, not metaphorical tools, actual ones like screwdrivers and hammers and hydrospanners. The pay is $10/hour, plus according to the email, there’s a benefits package, so maybe you can go see a doctor about that weird fungus on your toes if you get the job.

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