Sweet! Chocolate factory coming to the Brooklyn Army Terminal

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The news has us grinning from ear to ear

Though the Navy Yard has been getting a lot of attention lately, what with the new film school campus and super cheap apartments, Brooklyn’s other abandoned armed forces hub is getting some love now, according to NY1. Jacque Torres, a choclatier with factories around the city, is bringing chocolate production to the Brooklyn Army Terminal. Even better, it’s slated to open before Marty Markowitz leaves office, so we can definitely look forward to pictures of him at the ribbon cutting showing up on Marty Markowitz Eating.

Torres predicted it would take six or seven months to finish construction of the house of delicious wonder, which translates to an August or September opening. Aside from wanting to be somewhere that takes pride and puts work into their food scene, Torres gave a rich guy reason for wanting to move over to the army terminal. He told NY1 he wants to be able to take his boat to work. But we’ll leave that alone and instead fill our heads with visions of Willy Wonka-esque tours of a chocolate factory sometime next year.

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