Sweat out your sin with the Rev. Vince Anderson and 17 other free ways to spend your week

rev. vince anderson
Time to get some religion. via Facebook

1. Discover the corrupt and violent environment surrounding the oil industry at a reading of The Secret World of Oil, then feel powerless (Monday)

2. Filmmakers fight for the right to be shown on David Cross’ FKR.tv at the Passenger Bar’s short film competition, so see who makes the cut and who just gets cut (Monday)

3. Children’s entertainment goes off the deep end at Videology, including a 45-minute mix tape that combines hardcore porn with classic kids’ movies. Should be a good family outing (Monday)

4. It’s gonna be a hot one, so go give thanks for that with soulful songman Reverend Vince Anderson and His Love Choir at Union Pool (Monday)

5. Your head isn’t indestructible, no matter what you might think, so get a free bike helmet at the Brooklyn Public Library (Tuesday)

6. Find out all about the subway tunnels that were never built and the creepy abandoned ones when the Transit Museum welcomes Joseph Raskin, author of The Routes Not Taken (Tuesday)

7. The owners of the Brooklyn Brew Shop are stopping by powerHouse to talk their favorite beer recipes. Ask them if they got your resume while they’re there (Tuesday)

8. Bone up on your astrophysics when Satellite Magazine’s Cities+ welcomes American Museum of Natural History Museum astrophysicist educator Christina Pease to The Way Station (Tuesday)

9. Author Joshua Ferris reads from his new First Editions Club pick at Greenlight, the story of a man who suddenly finds Facebook and Twitter accounts set up in his name, something we all worry about (Wednesday)

10. Learn the history of black churches in Brooklyn from the days of the Undeground Railroad all the way through the modern era at the Brooklyn Historical Society (Thursday)

11. JD Samson will be DJing at the Electro Jamz Brooklyn Bridge Park dance party, so put on some neon and try to get close so you can give her your zine (Thursday)

12. Video Tale is a storytelling night at Videology that features among others, Nick Prueher of the Found Footage Festival, who’ll be talking about his time fooling TV stations as Chef Keith (Thursday)

13. Ava Chin, of New York Times fame, will lead a foraging tour at Fort Greene Park, which will be useful if you ever find yourself stranded there with no way out (Thursday)

14. If you missed Todd Barry’s two sold-out shows at the Bell House, don’t worry, you can still see him when appears on another edition of The Kevin Corrigan Show at Over the Eight (Thursday)

15. WORD gets into the spirit of the season with a release party for Jillian and Mariko Tamaki’s graphic novel This One Summer (Friday)

16. Brooklyn Fireproof will have music, projections, video and more on display all night, for those of you looking to get your art on (Friday)

17. Stand up and dance for Brooklyn at the latest Head On at the Bell House, because the DJs are pitting our borough against music that defines those jerks from Manhattan (Friday)

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