Support your local BK pun competition: Official Punderdome tees now available

Punderdome is once more evolving. Fred and Jo Firestone’s Gowanus-based pun competition first took the world be storm with its live show, then a home card game (which Brokelyn was the first in the world to report), and now: there’s t-shirts.

Official Punderdome tees are now available on Amazon, with three punderful shirt options in many puntastic colors and sizes, all for $19.99 each. Plus, if you’re one of the first 20 people in line for the Tuesday, March 6 Punderdome to be wearing a Punderdome t-shirt (that’s an official Punderome t-shirt, not just any pun-related piece of apparel) you’ll get a free drink ticket for that night.

The March 6 competition will be at Littlefield – nab a $10 ticket online now.

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