It’s gonna be bumping

In case you were unaware, the marathon is this Sunday. No, we don’t mean the New York City marathon, we don’t care for people in better shape than us. We mean the third Sunshine Laundry pinball marathon, during which, Greenpoint’s famed laundromat/pinball arcade Sunshine Laundry (860 Manhattan Avenue) will make all of their machines free for the duration of the NYC Marathon. Can your flipper fingers handle that kind of intensity? We hope so.

Like last year, Sunshine Laundry is celebrating the marathon the best way they know how, with a competing one of their own. On Sunday, starting at 10:30am and running into the afternoon/early evening, every single one of the laundromat’s now 20 pinball machines will be free to play. In an email from the laundromat, Sunshine’s owner Peter told us that almost every machine is working and in mint or collector’s edition, and that they’re the either “the best titles ever produced, special collector’s editions and/or ultra rare machines.”

You can see some video of how much fun the marathon was last year, and seeing as how it does fall on a Sunday, this will be like going to pinball church if you’re of that particular religion.

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