The Sunset Park library might become $525/month affordable housing

sunset park library
If you lived here, you’d have no excuse for late fees. via Macauly Honors College

New York City could use some housing that people can actually afford. New York City could also use modern, functioning libraries. Now, in a stroke of mashed-up genius not seen since the maniacal Dr. Reese’s combined peanut butter with chocolate, DNA Info reports that one non-profit is suggesting that the Sunset Park branch of the Brooklyn Library be redeveloped into a new library with affordable housing on top of it┬áthat starts at $525/month. It’s no Sour Patch Kids house, but that’s actually great news.

If the plan proposed by the Fifth Avenue Committee is approved by the library and the community board, Sunset Park would get 55 apartments, with 46 of them as either studios between $525/month and $750/month or three-bedroom apartments between $796/month and $1,249/month. The other apartments would be studios at $1,000/month and three-bedroom at $1,595/month, which is still nice. The bottom floor of the building would be a brand new library, but there’s no word on whether librarians will come up and shush you for being noisy.

The only question is whether this plan will actually be approved. If it is, the Sunset Park library would start being demolished in January of next year, with construction on a new building taking two years, according to the Fifth Avenue Committee. Can you hold on here for two years while holding on to the slim hope that you could get a super cheap apartments? You’ve probably faced worse tests, so we believe in you!

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