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Sunset Park is home of Brooklyn’s cheapest pizza pies

sunset park pizza
With a median price just above $12 for a pie, there’s no excuse to get some gross Papa John’s in Sunset Park. via Flickr user lamthuyvo

Pizza Week at Brokelyn continues! While yesterday we clued you in to Brooklyn’s name being used for pizza good and not pizza evil, and why it’s financially better for you to get the biggest pie you can, today we bring you news of where you can find the cheapest pies in Brooklyn. The number crunchers at Planet Money looked into it, and Sunset Park, whose pies are found for a median price of just over $12, has the cheapest in all of Brooklyn.

As a caveat, you should know that the prices for the pies all came from Seamless and GrubHub, so the rankings could be thrown off a bit by places that don’t participate in the sites. Not that it takes away from Sunset Park’s cheap pizza crown. But, there are plenty of other neighborhoods with cheap-ish pies, like Flatbush’s $13 pies, Bed-Stuy’s $14 pies and even tony Boerum Hill’s pies come in at just over $14.

The most expensive pies in Brooklyn can be found in Cypress Hills, where they come out of the oven at a median price of $19. Just behind that are both Canarsie and Bushwick, at $17 per pie which kind of pierces the whole argument for how it’s relatively cheap to buy a home in Bushwick. Unless of course you don’t factor things like cost of pizza into your cost of living calculations, in which case we don’t want to know you anyway.

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