Brooklyn name finally used for pizza good, not pizza evil, outside of New York

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Hey, it actually looks like pizza! via Facebook

As we’ve gone over before, people are always very eager to slap Brooklyn on their pizza-like product (or bagels in some cases) despite said foodstuff not measuring up. While we’d like to believe there’s something actually literally magic about pizza in New York, we know there’s no such thing as magic, and all it takes to make good pizza is a little patience and respect for it. So while at first blush Murfreesboro, Tennessee’s Brooklyn Boys Pizza appears to actually understand that pizza isn’t just bread with canned tomato sauce and cheese carelessly tossed on it.

Having yet to taste a Brooklyn Boys slice, we’ll freely admit to judging a cook by its cover, but look at the pie above. It’s appropriately thin and has a perfectly cromulent distribution of both mozzarella and ricotta. As opposed to the greasy sheen of your garlic butter-covered Papa John’s pie or a stuffed crust abomination from Pizza Hut, the above white pie looks plenty edible. It might not compare to Best Pizza‘s white slice, but nothing on this Earth does.

Now, obviously there’s a pizza crisis in America when people are lauded for the simple act of making dough and sauce from scratch, as the Daily News Journal coos about the business. And even if the owners have some strange ideas about how and when New Yorkers eat pizza (“They roll it up and eat it on the way to work”), they should still be commended for not using the Brooklyn name for pizza evil by just slapping it on the door and making some bullshit pizza.

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