Sunset Park is getting a co-working space!

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60,000 square feet at Industry City goes a long way, and all you need to be happy is a little corner of it. via Facebook

As coffee shops lose their luster for the cheaply-minded, ever-Skyping freelancer, coworking spaces are becoming more and more of an attractive long-term option. We want to know that we can go somewhere where there will always be wi-fi, where the coffee and tea is endless if we deem it so, and where no one will bother us if we need to have a quiet e-meeting.

Now, there are a few coworking spaces around Sunset Park, but nothing categorically useful in that neighborhood for laptop users. But soon, that’s going to change: Crain’s New York reports that courtesy of Milk Studios, Sunset Park will be getting a bonafide co-working space of its very own!

Fashion and design company Milk Studios has leased 60,000 square feet of space at the former industrial complex Industry City (220 36th Street), Crain’s reports, presumably entirely for use as a co-working space.

No word yet on whether this’ll cater to any specific type of freelancer, salesperson or what-have-you, but Milk Studios does focus more on fashion, music, photography and film. So that might indicate the kind of net they’ll be casting to draw in clientele for the space.

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