The Sunset Park ferry might not run past October

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Sometimes we get good ferry news, like a free Red Hook ferry for the summer. Sometimes though, we get bad ferry news, like the word from Capital that there’s no provision in the city budget for the Rockaway/Sunset Park ferry past October. Which, if you look at a calendar, is closer than we’d all want to think about.

According to the city, it’s too expensive to keep the ferry going, as it costs $5 million per year. However, Capital points out that it’s become a lifeline for Rockaway residents, with 880 rides per day. The ferry also serves Sunset Park, so it would mean back to relying on the R train for your Manhattan commute if a private operator doesn’t pick up the service. The good news there is that at least the R train is supposed to be up and running again by October, but that also means relying on the MTA’s timetable for the repairs. Also, wouldn’t you rather get to Manhattan by ferry instead of an airless tunnel?

So like we said when the ferry got its last expansion, finding an eccentric millionaire to run the whole thing is definitely in your best interests. We mean, that or coming up with a feasible plan for the city to pay for it.

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