Sunset Park ferry gets another expansion

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What with the R train still closed forever while the MTA tunnels into Narnia or whatever it is they’re doing, the people of Sunset Park have relied on the East River ferry from the Brooklyn Army Terminal to get them into Manhattan for work. And after getting a previous extension into January, the de Blasio administration has announced yet another extension of the ferry until at least May. Best of all, the city’s also going to study the feasibility of making the ferry permanent.

The announcement today saves the ferry from having to pack up shop after January 31. It comes with a slight bit of bad news though: the price is going up from $2 to $3.50 per ride. Possibly to pay for jaunty new winter caps for the ship captains? It’s cold out there (not as cold as Alaska, but still cold). In the meantime, the service will run on the same schedule it’s been running on, starting rides once an hour at 6:20am and going until 10am every weekday.

There’s an option to extend the ferry service all the way to August 1, but before that, the city’s Economic Development Corporation is seeking proposals for ways to make the ferry service a permanent part of city life. So for any eccentric millionaires out there who love ferries and have some ideas, your ship has come in, so to speak.

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