Hooray! The Sunset Park ferry is here until at least January

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Not going anywhere. Except for Sunset Park to Manhattan. via Facebook

Hey, remember when we told you about that ferry from Sunset Park that was going to bring beleaguered commuters who depend on the R train to get to Manhattan? And how it depended on people taking it for it to last past Labor Day? Well, congratulations people of Sunset Park and the surrounding areas, you did it! The ferry will be running until at least January now!

According to the New York Post, who have sources in places, the ferry will now until at least January. It can’t run after that because the East River becomes a frozen hellscape that requires ice breakers. No wait, no one said that at all, we don’t know why January is the cutoff. We do know that Christine Quinn told the Post how happy she was about it, and hey, we’re happy too. Anyway, the ferry runs at 6:20am from the Sunset Park Army Terminal once an hour, every hour until 10am for the low low price of two dollars. Keep riding it through January and maybe the city will extend the service until March or something.

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