How will you have the best summer EVER? Share your Summer Resolutions with us!

Just think, this could be you this summer if you accomplish your goal. Image via Flickr user Robyn Lee

Forget New Year’s Resolutions, which are all about self-improvement or some such bullshit. Challenge yourself to make a Summer Resolution instead — the year’s already half over so you may as well face the fact that you’re not going to get any smarter, skinnier, or more successful in 2015. Know what you CAN do? Have one hell of a summer. It’s the time for basking in the sun, drinking outdoors, rooftop movies, and watching a puddle of sweat form at your feet while waiting in an underground sauna for a train to whisk you into sweet, sweet, air conditioned paradise. What do you want to accomplish this summer? We here at Brokelyn have started things off with a list of Summer Resolutions of our own, because there’s nothing worse than Labor Day rolling around and realizing you never went on that camping trip.

Sing "I'm on a boat" without fear of being judged. Image via Flickr user Bobistraveling
Sing “I’m on a boat” without fear of being judged. Image via Flickr user Bobistraveling

Isaac Anderson

Sail a boat, hike some fjords, and bike into every goddamn corner and crevice of this broad, beautiful borough.

Margaret Bortner

Try every single Uncle Louie G flavor at the Smith Street location; seven down, 41 to go! (I cheated and started a little early.)

Havilah Brewster

Let no one shame me for hating people who are terrible people. Have more sex. Enjoy having more sex. Get tan with lotions, not ultra-violets. Make at least two awesome videos I’m proud of. Perform as an actor for the first time in three years. Teach The President (my dog) that the world isn’t as scary as she currently believes it to be.

David Colon

Re-read The Power Broker. Haha, no, never. I’d like to go to see a movie at each of the following: Red Hook Flicks, Brooklyn Bridge Park, Flicks on the Beach, SummerScreen, and Prospect Park. I’d also like to get the Juan Lagares bobble glove and Sidd Finch bobblehead the Cyclones are giving away.

Sam Corbin

Do less. But be so fucking proud of the things I’m actually doing.

Tim Donnelly

Create a critical mass of friends going to the beach regularly so there is always a core group of people headed beachside every weekend.

Chris Inoa

Hit every bar in the Brokelyn Cocktail Book. Get out of the city at least one weekend a month. Have dinner at a different neighborhood favorite once a week. Finish at least one book in Prospect Park.


Make sure you pump your arms like Rocky when you reach the top. Image via Flickr user Gabi in Austin
Make sure you pump your arms like Rocky when you reach the top. Image via Flickr user Gabi in Austin

Nicole Ortiz

Bike my first Century. Bike to Bear Mountain and then hike Bear Mountain. Explore the Bronx more; it’s my new favorite borough. Finally go to Movies with a View. Become a regular at a bar in Bed Stuy (looking at you, Casablanca Cocktail Lounge). Find a new job.

Madelyn Owens

Go blonde.

Daniela Ramos

Perform my first wedding ceremony for one adorkable Brooklyn couple. I just got officiated to add that service to my wedding writing business and I’m super frickin excited!

Dave Rosado

All I want is to have a goddamn beach-adjacent barbecue. I’m hellbent on finding a weekend that works for a decent amount of friends, renting a cheap place near a beach (those exist, I hope?), and having a day-long barbecue/ultimate frisbee extravaparty, which is a word I just made up.

Eric Silver

Get a pair of sunglasses and keep them the entire summer (without breaking them). Maybe also try wearing a tanktop.

Meghan Stephens

Go to the beach every weekend between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

It's true, there's some great beer in Staten Island. Image via Facebook
It’s true, there’s some great beer in Staten Island. Image via Flagship Brewing Company Facebook

Cat Wolinski

Visit every brewery in the outer boroughs; yes, even Staten Island (Flagship Brewing Company). There are still a few I haven’t been to, and luckily I can get a head start with planning and budgeting with my Queens Beer Book!

What’s your Summer Resolution? There’s no such thing as a bad one, so tell us in the comments!

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