Summer is back this year, so [email protected] is back too

Hey, if it was good enough for last summer, it’s good enough for this one. via Facebook

It was touch and go there for a little while as to whether it would ever show up, but it now looks like we’ll get a summer. Which is nice. So, since we’re having that season, it means we get another edition of [email protected], the Downtown festival/carnival of fun thing that includes free movies, free sports, free music, free theater and also a putting challenge. Oh! And The Ohio Players will be there too!

We got a press release announcing the second edition of the festival, and if you can remember last year’s [email protected], you know what’s in store for this year. Then again, last year was so long ago, so you might not. We get another edition of the BAM R&B Festival this year, which brings free music to MetroTech every Thursday from June 5 until August 7, and features luminaries like Bobby Rush and like we said, The Ohio Players, who will presumably invite you on to a love rollercoaster.

There will also be more movies from Rooftop Films in June and July, which you can find out more about here, along with the return of the BEAT Festival in September, which brings emerging theater artists to Downtown. On July 19, MetroTech will host a Bastille Day celebration with live music, food and a Petanque tournament. Sports on the Commons is promising the hottest sports action all summer long, which will hopefully include the broadcast of few a Rangers Stanley Cup finals games, and for sprots that you can participate in, the City Parks Putting Challenge will take place on June 3. If you even consider putting remotely sports.

You can keep up with all of the scheduled events at the Downtown Brooklyn Partnership website. We say enjoy this while you can, because in a couple of years when Downtown is just a Times Square retread with anti-Semitic Elmos and Bubba Gump Shrimp Brooklyn storefronts, you’ll wish you could still see The Ohio Players there.

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