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Nice place to watch a movie

We know what you’re thinking (we can read minds): “Enough with the free summer events already. We want to go out and spend money!” Well, sorry, because a whole new program of free summer events has landed, this time in Downtown Brooklyn’s [email protected], and just like every other free summer programming, it looks great.

The open space in Downtown Brooklyn will be the host to music in the form of  BAM R&B Festival that runs on every Thursday from June 6 to August 8 and three free movies from Rooftop Films. But beyond that, there’s also going be a putting competition that is sadly not hosted by Lee Carvallo, the World Science Festival  stops in for a day on June 1 to turn the space into Innovation Square with video games and robots (robots!) and the Brooklyn BEAT Festival will bring some free high culture to the masses.

Most intriguing, especially for those of us who like sports but don’t have televisions, is Sports in the Commons, in which summer sports events are going to be shown on a large screen at MetroTech. The schedule for that hasn’t been released yet, and while we’re holding out hope that some Mets games make the cut, we understand that R-rated horror shows usually aren’t shown in such family friendly environment.

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