Subway trains ran even slower than usual over the last year

subway delayed
If it felt like it came to this more often than usual last year, that’s because it did. via Flickr user Gene Han

While you were standing on the hot, gross subway platform peering down the tunnel and wondering where the motherfucking cocksucking train was over the past year, you might have wondered if the goddamn train taking so long was merely in your mind. Well, the good news is you’re not crazy, but the bad news is that there was an increase in trains running behind schedule since last August, according to amNewYork.

Per numbers released by the MTA, 17 out of 20 subways lines ran behind schedule between August 2013 and July 2014, and 77.8% of trains matched their scheduled times, a 2.5% decrease in punctuality over the previous year according to amNewYork. The MTA blamed subway overcrowding, pointing to 12,380 delays in July alone caused by people trying to get on the subway and not standing clear of the closing doors, more than double the amount caused by track work.

The 5 train fared worst among the subway lines over the last year, with just 68.6% of trains showing up on time, followed by (in ascending order) the A, F, 2 and 4. So, sorry if you rely on those trains. On the other hand, it could be worse: you could have to wait two hours for a train, which is the wait time to see a doctor at Interfaith Hospital. Like the official New York City motto says, “It Could Always Be Worse, So Why Are You Complaining?”

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