New website will tell you how hot it is on the L train platform

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It’s getting hot in there. via Flickr user *Bitch Cakes*

It’s mighty hot out there, isn’t it? So much so that you might not want to leave work, if your job has air conditioning. Especially if it means heading down into the swampy morass that is the subway, where it’s real hot. How hot? A new single-serving website will tell you exactly how hot it in on all the L train platforms, but you may not want to know, if you hate bad news.

L-Degrees lets you know, station-by-station how hot it is underground. For example, it is 105 degrees at the Montrose Avenue station right now. Grosssss.

The site, similar to “Is The L Train Fucked?” except it’s about your life, is the brainchild of Julian Cole and Kristian Henschel, and predicts how hot it is on L train platforms by “using the above ground temperature and data collected from countless readings looking at the difference between above ground temperature and platform temperature.” And then you get itchy just looking at how hot it is. Great.

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  1. I like how not all the L train stops are listed. How do you ignore the 1st stop and only list the platforms that are underground?

  2. Not cool to use my photo without permission. You could have just emailed me, I’d have given permission for nothing! Expect my invoice.

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