Surprise! The G train was even worse than usual last year

Wait for it...wait for it... via Flickr user Stephen Rees
Wait for it…wait for it… via Flickr user Stephen Rees

The Helvetica-laden notes from the MTA’s January Transit & Bus Committee meeting are out, and boy, are they scintillating. Besides discussing cash deficits, ridership statistics, and something called the “obsolescence┬áreserve,” they also released some handy charts detailing wait times that subway riders have been subjected to in the last two years. So if you felt like G train service was especially crappy last year, well, you might be right.

Statistics show that the infamously absent train was late  more often in 2012 than 2011, dropping from a 93.8% on time performance to 71.7% on weekdays, and a 97.4% on-time performance to 77.6% on the weekend. The service decrease was (surprise) by far the worst of any line.

However, the G was in fact not the slowest train in New York this past year, with the 2 line taking the metaphorical transportation cake at a 69.3% on-time performance, which was actually a 9.3% improvement from the year before. The S is apparently the most reliable line, but we feel like that’s cheating because its route is so short, and who really wants to ride a tiny little train anyway?

Almost every line reported improved service in 2012, which means that we might have had something to look forward to in 2013, or ’14 probably.

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