Sublet ad of the day: Jonathan Mann’s ‘Come Live With Me’

Your new roommate?
Your new roommate?

Jonathan Mann, who previously set the internet on fire with his song about breaking up with his girlfriend, is back with another informative song about his life. This time? He’s looking for a roommate, as he explains in his new song “Come Live With Me.” Could it be you? Well, maybe, if you get in touch with him and you can afford a $1400/month room in Williamsburg. Also, it’ll probably help if you like Better than Ezra. Video after the jump.

So as you can see, you’d live in a pretty central part of Williamsburg, the room is pretty big, you’d have plenty of privacy and there are video games all over the place. Sure he doesn’t have a dining room table right now, but maybe you can get a leg up on a potential tenant by pointing out that you can provide that table. Just be prepared for your life to be co-opted into Mann’s art. Some important info that he left out, like how much the room costs, can be found here in his Craigslist ad.

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  1. BigAlSupreme

    If readers of a site dedicated to “new ideas for bargain obsessives, stoop-sale sartorialists and wallet-aware foodies” fall for a Williamsburg *room* at $1400 a month, they certainly deserve to be broke.

    Why is this post on here again?

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