Style watch: HOT fashion tips from the Fulton Mall

We're back for more. via Flickr user emily geoff
We’re back for more. via Flickr user emily geoff

As we’ve all learned, I’m a Fulton Mall junkie. I just can’t stop, won’t stop this affordable and stylish lifestyle. I hopped on over to my preferred shopping strip to hopefully find some threads that won’t make me want to jump into the dreaded East River the second I leave my A.C., and while I was there, I decided to take tips from the street by checking out what the ladies were wearing right now. Take a look at what I found.

Name: Tamelia

Shops in: All boroughs. Queens, Brooklyn Manhattan. Doesn’t have a favorite store. Just sees things she likes!

All photos by Cat Agonis
All photos by Cat Agonis

Tamelia opted for a stylishly flowing flower sundress and flip-flops. Her sleeveless dress shows off her tattoos. The sandy tone of her purse was a nice offset to the blue in her dress.


Names: (From left to right Karre, Brittny and Femia)

Shops at: Forever 21, H&M, Marshalls

Who knew you could wear a sweater in summertime? Not me! Though I doubt I’d look as fresh as Femia does if I dare tried. Karre also looked hot-to-trot in her splattered jeans, and they both kept it cool with open-toed shoes. Also, can we talk about Brittny’s bows for a second? The bomb-dot-com.


Name: Tammy

Shops at: Macy’s, Sears


Tammy went for leggings and a comfortable floral top. To amp up her look, she chose some killer accessories, including large statement earrings, a sick watch, and neon manicure with an accent nail.



Name: Vicki

Shops at: Union Square

Vicki kept things simple and comfortable with her sunglasses, shorts, and never-too-tight leopard top. I liked this look since the color of her shorts and leopard print made things edgy. Also, sunglasses, a life or death choice this time of year.


Name: Kizzy

Shops at: Forever21, American Eagle, Rainbow (my favorite!) for everyday basics


Kizzy looked killer in this easy to throw-on Maxi dress. Though simple, the stripes were quite colorful making it exciting. It also was sleeveless and airy. So basically, the type of must-have in everyone’s wardrobe.


Names: Chamara (left) and Mumbi (Right)

Shops at: The Fulton Mall


Okay guys–this is very important! It was Mumbi’s wedding that day, and she was ridiculously gorgeous in her dress. It was a very classic, Grecian look paired with a statement necklace that made her look like an absolute Goddess. I can only hope to be this flawless on my wedding day. I’m going to take a tip from Mumbi that in a summer wedding you look your best by wearing a comfortable, simple dress and let your beauty shine. Congrats to Mumbi!



So what did I learn?

Open shoes are key. Let your feet breathe.

Flower prints are always fun!

Now’s your opportunity to wear something loose-fitting. Sticky is icky.

Don’t over do it. It’s a dessert out there. And by desert I mean humid heat pad full of exhaust from cars and the bus and boiling concrete. So STAY COMFORTABLE, and bump up your look with cool accessories and prints instead.


    • Kait: when being a B about grammar, remember that ‘defference’ is not a word. And that there is a difference between ‘difference’ and ‘deference’.

  1. Bridget

    It was very enjoyable. I like seeing reg people treated special. The photographer got every one to pose like a pro & bring out their inner beauty. not an easy task by randomly asking people on the street. The only replys were about spelling! I learned alot about fashion.

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